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Solar Manufacturer Brands

A complete selection of brands offering great solar panels, warranties and service. These manufacturers provide a 25 year warranty for panel efficiency. All manufacturers panels are UL listed, meet or exceed California CSI or Florida FSEC standards, and qualify for energy tax credits and state solar rebates. Search for solar panels by manufacturer brand, name, price, availability or popularity.

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Shop These Quality Solar Brands
Samsung Solar panels BenQ Solar Trina solar panels SunWize solar panels Ritek Solar
Sharp solar panels Yingli SolarPanasonic Solar Panels Canadian solar panels Sanyo solar panels
Eoplly Solar Panels Conergy Solar Astroenergy Solar AUO SolarHelios Solar Works
Brunton SolarBYD Energy CSUN Solar Costco SolarCP Solar
Coleman SolarET SolarecoSolargyEvergreen Solar PanelsFirst Solar Solar Panels
Galaxy EnergyGE Solar PanelsGlobal SolarHyundai SolarIsofoton
Jinko SolarKaneka Solar PanelsKyocera Solar PanelsLDK SolarMitsubishi Solar Panels
NB SolarPhoton EnergyPhotowattPowerFilmREC Solar Panels
Risen Solar Schott solar panels Schuco SolarScheutenSilex Power
SolarTech PowerSolarWorld Solar PanelsStion Solar PanelsSunLinqSunTech Solar Panels
Tianwei SolarSunforce
Goal Zero
Dow SolarGrape Solar
Uni-Solar PanelsSolon solar panels LG Solar
Voltaic Systems
BP Solar PanelsTycon Power Systems
Perlight Solar

AEE Solar Panels Aide Solar Alps Solar Hanwha Solar Carmanah Solar
Suniva Solar Lumos Solar Panels

Solar Power Your Home

Follow these links to search all the solar panel manufacturer brands available at

AEE SolarConergy Solar
Global Solar
Mitsubishi Solar
Sanyo Solar
Aide SolarCostco SolarGoal Zero
NB SolarSchott Solar SunPower
Alps SolarCP SolarHanwha SolarPanasonic Solar
Schuco Solar SunTech Solar
CSUN SolarHelios Solar Works
Perlight SolarScheuten SunWize
AUO SolarDow Solar Hyundai Solar Photon EnergySilex PowerTianwei Solar
BenQ SolarecoSolargy IsofotonPhotowatt Sharp Solar
Trina Solar
BP Solar
EopllyJinko SolarPowerFilmSolarTech PowerTycon Power
Brunton ET SolarKaneka Solar
Q.CELLS SolarWorld
BYD EnergyEvergreen Solar
Kyocera Solar REC Solar PanelsSolon Solar
Voltaic Systems
CarmanahFirst Solar
LDK SolarRisen SolarStion Solar
Westinghouse Solar
Canadian SolarGalaxy EnergyLG SolarRitek SolarSunforce Yingli Solar
Coleman SolarGE Solar PanelsLumos SolarSamsung Solar