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Solar panel installation cost

Get the lowest cost solar panel installation. Compare solar installers to review their installations. Qualify for installation cost discounts and solar rebates. There are many factors that go into estimating installation costs for solar panels.

Solar Installation Cost Estimate

This is a solar power estimate* based on a $200 monthly electric bill. A 5kW or 5,000 watt solar panel system could offset most of your energy use. Results will vary based on actual energy use, location and installation factors.

Solar Panel Kits

Canadian Solar Kit 5kW
Trina Solar Kit 5kW
AUO Solar Kit 5kW
Samsung Solar Kit 5kW
Sharp Solar Kit 5kW
Trina Solar Kit 2.5kW
Your Solar Savings
See how much you could save with home solar panels.

Other benefits of solar power
Increase your home value
Clean, healthy, renewable energy
$60,655 over 25 years
$2,160 per year
$180 per month

Your current electricity cost
Solar panels have a 25 year warranty, so we use 25 year costs for comparison

$81,979 over 25 years
$2,400 per year
$200 per month
Your Solar Panel System
Produce enough power to offset your $200 monthly electric bill. 1 kW = 1 kilowatt or 1,000 watts; kWh = kilowatt hours

5 kW Solar Kit
1,675 kWh AC per month
Your Solar Cost
Your cost includes system design, permits, solar panels, solar inverter, rooftop racking, all hardware components, installation and warranty, minus a 30% Federal energy tax credit. (Sticker price: $18,749)
Your New Utility Cost
What you could pay for electricity after installing solar panels
$8,198 25 years
$240 per year
$20 per month
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View solar installation costs for your monthly electric bill.
$100 | $300 | $400 | $500 | $600 | $700 | $800 | $900 | $1,000

*Note: These are current solar price estimates as of March 2012, amounts may vary based on your location and installation factors. The 25 year utility cost includes a conservative 2.5% annual electricity price inflation rate. Inflation may vary by utility. According to the Department of Energy, the national average for annual electric utility price inflation is 4%, while some states are as high as 7% or 8% annual inflation. The estimated kWh produced per month assumes 230 watt or 250 watt solar panels and 5 sun hours per day.
Solar Estimates FREE
A quick ballpark estimate of the cost to install solar panels for a typical residential system could range from $0.50 per watt to $1.50 per watt. This is the cost just for the installation; it does NOT include the cost of solar panels, solar inverters, solar racking or hardware. The cost to install solar panels depends on many factors. Here are the top 10 questions about solar panel installation cost.
  1. Will the system be on-grid or off-grid?
  2. Is it a roof-top or ground mounted solar installation?
  3. If a roof-top installation, how steep is the roof, how many stories is the building?
  4. How many solar panels will be included in the installation?
  5. What racking system will be used for the solar installation?
  6. Is there a central inverter or many micro-inverters?
  7. Is there a battery backup system?
  8. Does the local authority have a streamlined or a manual permitting process for solar panels?
  9. Is the utility rebate paperwork going to be handled by the installer or the homeowner?
  10. What is the hourly labor cost for solar installation?
  11. How many hours will the solar panel installation require?