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Solar Panels Online offers all brands of solar panels at low direct wholesale prices. Compare solar panels by brand, by DC watts or by pallet prices. We also have a big selection of black solar panels for high-visibility or residential solar installations and solar panels Made in the USA. You can get a great deal with a complete solar kit for your home or business, or check out the flexible solar panels and portable solar panels for your boat, RV, cabin, campground, patio or yard. You will find new, American-made solar panels and low cost panels from all over the world. All solar panels are UL certified, have a 25 year performance warranty and qualify for the 30% energy tax credit.

Featured Low Price Solar Panels
Solar Panel
Brand / Model
Peak Power
Watts (DC)
$ per
of Origin
$ per
Eoplly EP125m-72-185
185 10 $165 14.49% China$0.89
Ritek PM230
230 24 $259 14.05% Taiwan$1.12
Trina TSM240PA05 Black 240 20 $240 14.71% China$1.00
Conergy PM-240P 240 25 $230 14.40% China
ecoSolargy ECO240S156P-60 240 30 $209 14.00% China
SolarWorld SW-240 Poly 240 10 $255 14.30% USA
Sharp ND-240QCJ 240 10
$279 14.70% USA
Canadian CS6P-245M 245 10 $250 15.23% China
Conergy PH-250P 250 25 $245 15.20% China
Yingli YL250P-29b Poly 250 10 $250 15.30% China$1.00
Samsung PV-MBA1BG250-Silver
250 20 $294 15.33% Korea$1.17
SolarWorld SW-250 Mono 250 10
$269 14.90% USA
Helios 6T-250
250 20 $339 14.50% USA$1.35
CEEG CSUN260M Mono 260 10 $270 16.02% China
BenQ PM250P00-260 260 20 $290 15.90% Taiwan$1.15
Eoplly EP156P-72-280 280 24
$245 14.38% China
Canadian CS6X-280P 280 24
$279 14.59% China$1.00
Canadian CS6X-300P 300 24
$299 15.63% Taiwan

Solar Panel Info

Solar Panels

A photovoltaic module or photovoltaic solar panel is a packaged, interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. The solar panel is then used as a component in a larger photovoltaic system to produce electricity for commercial and residential applications. Here you will find more than 1,000 different solar panels from the major solar brands and specialty solar panel manufacturers.

The Sun produces 400 trillion trillion watts of energy every second. Get your share.

Solar panels are used in residential and commercial applications to generate electricity which can be used to power home appliances, lighting, electronics, and more. offers a variety of photovoltaic solar panels from reliable brands. We only provide high quality, new solar panels, always A-grade, never B-grade, and all of them are UL tested, California CSI certified or Florida FSEC certified.

Our solar panels can be purchased individually or as complete kits. Individual modules use either thin-film amorphous or crystalline technology for collecting solar energy. Additional photovoltaic system essentials such as mounts, inverters, charge controllers, batteries, and wiring can be purchased individually or be included in complete kits.

Our catalog includes complete solar panel systems to suit a variety of budgets, prices, varying sized homes, and aesthetic preferences. If you need help selecting your solar panels or you cannot find what you are looking for, call us at 1-888-498-3331 or use our contact page.

Follow these links to search all the solar panel manufacturer brands available at

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AUO SolarDow Solar Hyundai Solar Photon EnergySilex PowerTianwei Solar
BenQ SolarecoSolargy IsofotonPhotowatt Sharp Solar
Trina Solar
BP Solar
EopllyJinko SolarPowerFilmSolarTech PowerTycon Power
Brunton ET SolarKaneka Solar
Q.CELLS SolarWorld
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In addition to residential panels, we can help you with our large selection of solar cells, grid-tie, off-grid systems, charge controllers, batteries, backup emergency power kits, solar panel mounts, racks and a complete line of accessories and connectors. For a complete solar system, be sure to measure your power output with a solar monitoring system.

Commercial and home solar panels are a wise investment that not only save you money and increase your home value, but also help the environment. Clean solar power is a renewable energy source that emits no harmful pollutants into the air. Most of our energy needs are derived from burning fossil fuels like coal and oil. These non-renewable sources of energy cause permanent damage to the environment and are a top contributor to global warming. Clean solar energy is free and strikes the earth daily whether we utilize it or not. Commercial and home solar panels simply harness the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.

Think commercial and home solar panels are too expensive? Think again. Clean solar power is quickly becoming price competitive with traditional energy sources. In fact, the cost of solar installation has dropped more than 40 percent within the past few years alone. We offer some very cheap solar panels to make your installation more affordable than ever. Many solar panel rebates and solar incentives are offered by federal and state governments to drastically lower solar installation costs. Numerous solar financing options are available to provide solar installation for $0 down. Extreme savings on electric costs enable solar panel systems to pay for themselves within a few short years.

Solar Panels Online works with the top solar panel manufacturers and thousands of qualified solar installers to fit you with a state-of-the-art solar panel system for your home or business. Our solar specialists can work with you to obtain all solar panel rebates and solar incentives that could cut solar installation costs by nearly 60 percent. We can help you secure solar financing to convert to clean solar energy for $0 down. If you would like to eliminate skyrocketing electric bills, commercial and residential solar power is the answer.

After solar installation is complete, solar electric panels require virtually no further maintenance. Commercial and home solar panels can last a lifetime. Energy obtained from the sun is free. Therefore, once your solar panel system is installed, no additional expenses will be necessary to power it. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own energy provider. Go green and save money with commercial and home solar panels today!