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Solar Loans

Residential Solar Panels - NO Upfront Cost

You can get a solar loan and pay nothing upfront for your home solar panels. Solar Panels Online has partnered with LendingClub to get you the best rate for your solar loan.

Lock in savings with a low fixed monthly payment. Own your solar panels and take advantage of solar tax credits and rebates. Best of all, the Solar Loan is like having a blank check to get the solar panel system you need.

Your Solar Loan from LendingClub features:
  • Competitive rates about the same as a home equity loan
  • Flexible terms and easy monthly payments
  • No hidden fees
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Get cash in 14 days or less
There is no obligation. The online application takes just 5 minutes; it's completely confidential and secure.

Get A Solar Loan

Save on Electricity Every Month

Save with Solar Loan

For a typical 3-bedroom home with a current electricity bill of $200 per month, we might recommend a medium sized 5 kW solar system.

Your new solar system will generate enough electricity to offset what you are currently paying to the utility company from $200 to as low as $30 per month.

Your Solar Loan payment would be $0 down and $120 per month. So you could actually save $50 per month from day one. Once the loan is paid, you’ll enjoy free solar electricity for 25 years or more!

Solar Estimates FREE
In addition to solar loans, there are several solar financing and incentive options to be aware of when thinking about going solar. Net Metering will let you earn credits from your utility for excess power, while a Feed-In Tariff (FIT) involves earning revenue for your excess solar power. Some states have market-based auction programs called SRECs Solar Renewable Energy Credits where power credit can be sold to institutions.

Other popular options to pay for solar panels is a Solar Lease in which you lease the equipment for a long-term. You can also consider a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where you only pay for the solar power, locking in your electricity rate over time.

However, you will get the biggest financial gain by owning your solar system. If you don't want to pay cash, then contact your bank about Solar Home Equity for the best rates. Another great way to pay for your solar panels is a solar home improvement loan, which is a government FHA-backed Title-1 Home Improvement Loan is designed for homeowners with or without equity. An innovative community financing program available in some areas is PACE Municipal Financing | Property Assessed Clean Energy. With PACE, you pay for your system over time, just like your property taxes. As part of your research, be sure to compare Solar Loan vs Solar Lease options before proceeding.
Solar Power Your Home

The Solar Loan from Solar Panels Online and Lending Club is available in every state except IA, ID, IN, ME, MS, NC, ND, NE and TN. Loan application subject to credit approval by Lending Club. This is not an offer for credit.

About LendingClub Lending Club is America's #1 Peer Lending Company. Lending Club opened in 2007 with one simple mission: create an alternative to banks that offers both borrowers and investors a great rate. Today, Lending Club is a well-funded, established company and a clear leader in the fast-growing peer-to-peer lending market.

Lending Club is an online financial community that brings together creditworthy borrowers and savvy investors so that both can benefit financially. They replace the high cost and complexity of bank lending with a faster, smarter way to borrow and invest. The Lending Club experience is truly liberating:
  • You can join in minutes.
  • If you're borrowing, you can apply for a loan and get an instant rate quote.
  • If you're investing, you can open an account instantly and get started building a portfolio that can earn more than other investments with comparable risk.
  • Everything is done online, so the whole process is fast, confidential, private, and secure.