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Solar Information

Solar Panels
Find more than 1,000 different modules from the major brands and specialty manufacturers.

About Solar Panels
Used in residential and commercial applications to generate electricity which can be used to power home appliances, lighting, electronics, and more.

Solar Power Com
Solar Power Com information

Modules are made of Solar Cells or photovoltaic cells or photoelectric cells

Solar Powered
Solar Powered means using the Sun to create electricity by converting its energy. There are a number of applications from pumps, lights, to water heaters.

Solar Energy
Energy from the Sun is the future of energy independence in the US.

Why Solar Energy
Reduce our dependence on other energy sources, good for the environment, and economically saves money

Photovoltaic Solar Panels
A photovoltaic module or solar panel is a packaged, interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. The cells use the photovoltaic effect to convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar Cell Panels
Used to help convert the Suns energy to electricity. This electricity can be used or stored for future use.

Photovoltaic Solar Cells
Central part of the system that is used to create electricity from the Sun

Solar Panels Energy
The energy is converted to electricity and used to power a home or business.

Solar Energy Panels
Used to create electric power from the sun’s energy.

Roof Tiles
Roof shingles or tiles that generate power integrated with the building roof.

Black Solar Panels
Aesthetically pleasing all black panels for residential roof top or other high visibility installations.

Clear, Transparent Solar Panels
Allow natural, ambient light to come through for canopies, carports, bus shelters, greenhouses and more.

Solar Panels Made in USA
These products are made in the USA and qualify as "Buy American" under the ARRA.

Cheap Solar Panels
Find high-quality, cheap modules with UL certification and 25 year performance warranty.

Installation Checklist
Follow this worksheet to learn about many of the tasks involved in PV installation.

Consumers are using the Sun's energy to heat their pools and homes. This can help save money on heating a home.

Solar Electricity
Electricity can be produced by converting the Suns energy from a photovoltaic cell. The electricity can be used by a home owner to power a heater, lights, fan, and appliances. In addition some cities allow for home owners to send electricity back to the grid.

Solar PV
Photovoltaic PV is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors photovoltaic.

Solar Heat Panels
Solar Heat Panels can be used to heat a home or business.

Solar Electricity Panels
Used to create electricity as an alternative energy source for a home or business.

Solar For The Home
Builders and home owners are continually looking for ways to save energy costs. There are many applications for the home including lighting and power for electric appliances.

Home Solar
The nation's leading home solar company. Upgrade your home and save thousands on electric utility bills. Featuring low cost, complete home kits from the top brands to do-it-yourself, or choose from more than 1,000 installers across all 50 states.

Solar Panels Heating
There are options of active and passive heating systems. Learn more about how you can save money by installing heating systems on your property.

Solar Electric Panels
There are several types of panels that can be used to power your home or business. These panels utilize Photovoltaic Cells to capture energy from the sun.

PV Panels
Photovoltaic Panels or Photovoltaic PV is a method of generating electrical power by converting radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors photovoltaic.

Photovoltaic Solar Power
Modules are composed mostly of silicon. Silicon is used because it naturally releases electrical energy when hit with a light source. Panels catch the displaced electrons and use their energy.

Solar Water Heater
Using the sun's energy to heat water at your home or business is one way to offset your electricity costs and help conserve energy.

Sun Solar Panels
Used to collect energy from the sun and convert it to electricity.

Solar Panel Energy
Provide power for a home or business. It can be used in a sustainable environment as an alternative energy source.

Solar Panel Battery
Batteries and battery chargers are used to save money and extend the life of rechargeable batteries. A great alternative way to charge batteries and are part of the overall power system.

Solar Water Heating
Domestic hot water (DHW) generation for a residence is the ideal application for a solar thermal system, as DHW consumption is typically constant throughout the year. Collectors use the energy from the sun to heat water for domestic, space and pool heating applications.

Photovoltaic Solar Systems
Create electricity with a number of components for grid-tie, inverter, mounting, wiring, instructions.

Solar Kits
Complete systems that are energy efficient and reliable. These packages include everything you need to get your residential system up and running. Simply determine the required energy use and select the solar kit that is right for your home.

Solar Panels For A House
Mounted on a house in a number of ways including on the roof or in back yards on racks.

Cost of Solar Panels
The cost varies based on the amount of electricity and power needed to power a home or project.

The Cost of Solar Panels
There are various costs based on the amount of power or electricity needed to be generated.

Solar Panels Systems
A system used to create electricity with components including grid-tie, inverters, mounts, wiring, instructions.

Residential Solar
Residential systems are cost effective and offer a good return on investment. Green power for a residential home creates an environment of clean and sustainable energy. Systems can be connected to the grid to sell electricity back to the power company

Frequently Asked Questions About Inverters
What size do you need? What are some common wattage's of basic household devices? What is the difference between an inverter and a converter? Which kind of inverters are best?

How Inverters Work
Start with the basics to understand how inverters work. The sun shines on individual photovoltaic (PV) cells within panels.

Why You Need A Solar Inverter
Photovoltaic modules generate direct current (DC) electricity. However, the vast majority of electric current used in US households is alternating current (AC).

Solar Panel Connectors
This article outlines the different connectors used by manufacturers, provides details on which connectors are compatible, and discusses the requirements to maintain PV module and inverter listings when mating pairs of connectors.

Power in your State
Learn about renewable power for every state in the U.S. Find your state to be informed about costs, rebates, incentives, local installers and products in your city.

Unlike most forms of power generation, photovoltaic power doesn’t rely on fossil fuels the same way as traditional gas generators.

What are solar panels
Solar panel systems (or solar energy systems) use Photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. Cells are made from silicon and were originally developed to power spacecraft and space stations.

What is a solar panel
A solar panel uses Photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.

Solar Power Electricity
Learn the essential basics of using alternative energy so you can understand your project. Planning a project for electricity begins with understanding this section. This is an excellent place to start for beginners.

Solar Costs
Find estimated prices for grid-connected systems in the U.S.

Solar News
Get the latest news, articles, tips and deals. Search our archive.

Solar Video
A video guide to understanding green energy. The compilation of videos includes how is works, how to make solar power, how to make modules and how to install an array.

Solar vs. Utility Power
It is possible to replace your electric utility power with solar panels. This depends on your system design and energy needs.

How Much Does Solar Cost
The cost and size of a system depends on your current and future energy consumption, your location, the types of components to be installed, and the availability of rebates and incentives. Use your monthly electric bill amount to find your estimate and savings here.

Rebates, Tax Credits, Incentives
When you install a system, you are likely eligible to receive cash rebates from your state and energy tax credits from the U.S. Treasury IRS. Depending on your location, you could save 30% to 60% off the cost of installing.

Solar Panels Benefits
Systems can significantly reduce your utility bill. Any energy produced FREE by the sun and power that you don't have to purchase from your utility. This translates into direct savings on your monthly utility bill among many other benefits.

Energy Finance
There are many ways to finance a home system. Lock in savings with a low fixed monthly payment. Own your equipment to take advantage of tax credits and rebates.

Maintenance, Operation
Maintaining a system is relatively simple because there are no moving parts.

Solar Installers
Reviews and company information for installation contractors throughout America. See how long they have been in business and how many projects they have completed.

Lifespan, Warranty
Systems last a long time depending on the amount of active use, or the amount of sunshine converted into electricity by the solar panels.

Electricity Credits
You could get credit for producing electricity, covering net-metering, feed-in-tariffs and more.

Environmental Impact
Learn about the environmental impact of solar panels on your home, the environment and society.

Insurance for Solar Panels
Power owners will often be required by the utility company to provide proof of insurance coverage for their system.

Glossary of Terms
Find definitions of many important terms having to do with electricity, power generation, concentrating solar power (CSP), solar heating, solar lighting, solar panels and solar electricity, also known as photovoltaic or PV.

Solar for Kids
A great start for youngsters to learn more about clean energy and grow up more informed about the vital role of solar panels in the changing world of energy.

Green Energy Directory
This free independent directory will help you find and learn everything you want to know about renewable energy and sustainable living.

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About Information Center

The Information Center answers frequently asked questions about solar, solar energy, electric power and PV Solar Panels. Whether you need for your home or business, you will find all the basics here.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about green power, including how solar works, maintenance, warranties, insurance, installation, rebates, tax credits, a solar glossary of terms, and even learning guides for kids. To make it easy, you can search in all 50 states. This is the place to really understand your environmental impact and get the facts about all forms of renewable energy.

Solar Estimates FREE

Considering clean solar energy for your home or business? Thanks to an abundance of federal and state solar panel rebates and solar incentives, there has never been a better time to go solar. Solar panel rebates can offset solar installation costs by more than half and ensure your solar panel system pays for itself in a few short years. Solar Panels Online has done the solar panel rebate research for you. Here you will find a state-by-state guide to available solar panel rebates to maximize your savings. We’ve also included information on solar financing, solar loans and solar leasing. Thanks to new technologies, solar power is more affordable than ever. There has never been a better time for solar installation.

So what are the benefits of solar power? To begin, clean solar energy has a positive impact on our environment. Most of our energy is obtained from burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal. These dirty, non-renewable fuel sources emit harmful pollutants into the air that contribute to climate change, hurt our fragile ecosystems and endanger human health. Solar energy is clean, renewable and available year round whether we use it or not. In fact, if one million homes relied on solar panel systems for their energy needs, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 4.3 million tons per year.

Another advantage to clean solar power is the massive savings you’ll see in your electric costs. Commercial and home solar panels can free you from rising electric costs and even bring your monthly electric bill to $0. Every year, electric rates significantly increase and eat up more of your disposable income. Keep money in your wallet and bank account where it belongs with a solar panel system.

The solar panel installation process can seem overwhelming at first. Solar Panels Online has done all the research for you. We know who makes the best solar panels and work with thousands of solar installers nationwide. If you want more information about the solar installation process or need help finding qualified solar installers, you’ve come to the right place. We have provided everything you need to know regarding solar installation, solar warranties, solar panel maintenance, solar panel costs, net metering and more.

Find out if commercial or home solar panels are right for you today. Discover if your home, location and climate would be ideal for solar installation. Solar installation is a smart and affordable investment that will significantly increase your home value while slashing your electric bills. Solar Panels Online is proud to provide you with all the latest information on solar energy so you can determine if converting to clean solar is a wise decision.

Learn all about home solar panels, commercial solar panels, solar installation, solar costs, solar rebates, solar financing, the benefits of solar energy and more. The Learning Center at provides all the information you need about alternative energy.