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Schott Solar Panels

Made in the USA, solar panels with SCHOTT Solar attention to details ensures longevity and sustainable performance yields. Schott Solar installations have been producing electricity reliably for more than 20 years. As elegant and attractive as solar panels made by SCHOTT Solar are, their real appeal lies within. Schott solar power modules are designed to sustainably provide a high energy yield.

Schott Solar, one of the oldest solar companies, with a history in photovoltaics dating back to 1958, is "withdrawing from the crystalline photovoltaic business," according to a letter sent to its customers in June 2012.

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Schott 225W Solar Panel
Currently Unavailable

List Price: $799.00
Our Price: $599.00
You save $200.00!
Schott 220W Solar Panel
Currently Unavailable

List Price: $799.00
Our Price: $599.00
You save $200.00!
Schott 230W Solar Panel
Currently Unavailable

List Price: $799.00
Our Price: $629.00
You save $170.00!
Schott 235W Solar Panel
Currently Unavailable

List Price: $799.00
Our Price: $649.00
You save $150.00!
Solar Power Your Home

SCHOTT’s photovoltaic solar panels are among the most stable performers and therefore have the strongest rate of return on the solar market. In a long-term study by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute, which was conducted over a period of 25 years, the solar panels demonstrated a performance stability of over 90% - a stellar value!

Schott Solar manufacturing is highly automated, thus ensuring consistent high quality. Strict quality controls at all process levels in state-of-the-art production facilities. Schott only uses high quality materials to manufacture our products. Therefore, we qualify and test our suppliers regularly.

Schott solar power modules are designed to yield high energy per kilowatt of output installed. We only use solar cells with matched output within one panel. Low-voltage welding techniques and special bonding from the automobile sector are employed. Schott solar panels are virtually maintenance-free as they contain no moving parts.

Schott's parent company, SCHOTT AG in Mainz, Germany has been successful within the world marketplace for more than 125 years. Independent studies prove that the energy return period for photovoltaic modules made by SCHOTT Solar under German radiation conditions (approx. 950 hours of sunshine annually) is less than 3 years.

SCHOTT Solar shares the high expectations of reliability and endurance that users of photovoltaic systems have. Schott's 52 years of experience within the solar industry helps achieve an ambitious target: premium quality. Schott Solar reliable partner for everyone who wishes to use this future-oriented technology in a secure and rewarding manner.

The SCHOTT POLY® module is very suitable both for individual application and for large installations. The most important characteristics:

  • Outstandingly narrow output tolerance: -0%. When you receive a SCHOTT POLY® 220, the module will be at least 220 watts
  • New PV Wire cables for high efficiency transformerless inverters Modules are "bulk" packed to minimize jobsite waste and disposal costs
  • Tested to meet UL 1703 requirements, CSI listed
  • Outstanding high nominal output Due to its 6-inch cells, the module´s surface is used very efficiently
  • Available in 4 output classes: 210, 217, 220 and 225 watts
  • SCHOTT Solar provides a 25-year performance guarantee on it.
  • The SCHOTT POLY® module is produced in the new SCHOTT Solar plant in Albuquerque, New Mexico.