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New Jersey Installers
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New Jersey Solar Installers

Review solar installers in New Jersey. Compare their track record, how long they have been in business, how many installations they have completed and what kind of solar projects they handle. You can even explore their solar financing programs and affiliations. New Jersey solar panel installation should be a pleasant and easy process. Home solar panel installation means you are taking a giant step towards your own energy independence. Imagine how sweet it will be to never worry about utility rate hikes or power outages ever again. Your New Jersey solar panel system will last a lifetime and require virtually no maintenance. No additional expenses are necessary. Best of all, you’ll begin saving money immediately with New Jersey solar power.

Commercial or residential New Jersey solar panels can require a considerable upfront investment, so it’s important to find a qualified New Jersey solar installer. It’s best to obtain a home solar evaluation from a minimum of 2 to 3 solar installation companies in your area. Although price is a factor to consider, do not base your choice of solar installer on price alone.

Do not hesitate to inquire about work samples and customer references from your New Jersey solar installer. Any qualified solar installer should have a list of happy customers who will validate their work. Before solar panel installation, contact a few of them to hear about their experiences with the company. Do your own research on the solar installation company’s reputation. Perform a Google search, check with the Better Business Bureau or call your local city office for more information. Any New Jersey solar company should provide you with a written guarantee with the proposal that states exactly how much the solar panel system will generate. If they are unwilling to do this, find another solar installer.

The New Jersey solar installer should be well versed in all New Jersey solar panel rebates and incentives. Your solar installer should walk you through the steps to get the most out of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS). They will help you finance your solar panel system, obtain all possible solar rebates and they will even fill out the necessary paperwork to ensure you take full advantage of all the savings available. Be sure your New Jersey solar installation company hires and trains their own solar installers. They should be fully insured and licensed. Finding a qualified New Jersey solar installer means you are on your way to becoming energy independent. Your commercial or residential solar panel installation usually takes less than 72 hours, which means you’ll begin enjoying the energy savings instantly.

Solar Panels Online can help determine if clean solar energy is ideal for your home or business. Contact us today for a free, no obligation solar evaluation. From finding the right system, permits, installation, and inspection to rebates and warranty, our solar panel specialists will handle all the details for you.

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