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GE Solar Panels

General Electric harnesses the Power of the Sun with high quality solar panels. Rising fuel costs, climate change concerns and a growing demand for electricity, renewable energy resources such as solar power are becoming an increasingly valuable part of the world's energy mix. Around the globe, businesses and homeowners are harnessing the power of the earth's most abundant natural resource - sunlight - to provide energy using solar power. GE solar panels and electric power systems offer high quality, reliable power generation for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Search this great selection for the lowest prices on GE solar panels.

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GE Solar Panel GEPVp-066-M GE Solar Panel GEPVp-200-M GE Solar Panel GEPVp-205-M
Currently Unavailable
List Price: $399.00
Our Price: $299.00
You save $100.00!
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Currently Unavailable
List Price: $799.00
Our Price: $649.00
You save $150.00!
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Currently Unavailable
List Price: $799.00
Our Price: $649.00
You save $150.00!
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GE Solar Panel GEPVp-066-M GE Solar Panel GEPVp-200-M GE Solar Panel GEPVp-205-M
GE Solar Panel GEPVp-210-M
Currently Unavailable
List Price: $799.00
Our Price: $649.00
You save $150.00!
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GE Solar Panel GEPVp-210-M
Solar Power Your Home

Brilliance Pre-Packaged Systems
Everything you need to generate your own electricity at home. GE offers a range of complete solar electric power systems for homes connected to the electric utility grid. Now almost any home can generate its own electricity with a complete GE Brilliance System. Engineered to install quickly and reliably, GE's Solar Electric Power Systems provide years of maintenance-free operation.

GE's standard solar electric systems are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of roof types and materials. These systems feature solar modules that can be integrated to meet a wide range of power requirements. The systems are ideal for both new construction or retrofit applications and are quick and easy to install. Our solar electric systems come with all the components necessary for a complete installation including: modules, power electronics, mounting kits, a power meter to monitor performance, and complete documentation for contractors and homeowners.

GE 200 and 205 Watt Photovoltaic Solar Panels

54 poly-crystalline cells connected in series
Peak power of 205 watts at 27.2 volts
Designed for optimum use in residential and commercial grid-tied applications
20-year limited warranty on power output, 5-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship*

GE 66 Watt Roof Integrated Solar Panel

18 polycrystalline cells connected in series
Peak power of 66 Watts at 9.0 Volts
Unique interlocking design
Multiple versions available to fit cement tile types from various manufacturers
20-year limited warranty on power output; 5-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship

Seamlessly blends into the profile of a concrete roof tile
Rugged extruded aluminum and tempered glass construction
Faster Installation time than alternate solar system mounting technologies

By harnessing the sun, solar energy can supply local power for on-and off-grid applications with zero noise pollution and air emissions.

Progressive homeowners are exploring the advantages of meeting part of their electricity needs with solar power, and GE's residential solar panels and systems can help get them there. GE residential solar panels are engineered for maximum performance in any geographic location. Solar panels are easily integrated into the design of a structure, making them a simple addition to most existing and new homes. Solar panels generate electricity noiselessly, and without detracting from a property's aesthetic.